I am on a roll today!

2010-12-20 13:40:07 by WillWivell

If used right, Paint can be a badass editing program.

I am on a roll today!

A New Technique

2010-12-20 11:36:04 by WillWivell

I had a bit of an epiphany the other day. I have a fairly simple drawing program, ArtRage, that came with my graphics tablet. I've had it for years, and I like it because it simulates the effects of making a picture by hand; every brushstroke has little texture marks in the paint where the hairs of the paintbrush would make an impression, and the paper itself can have various textures that alter the effects of the materials used. It's all very clever.

Now! It only just occurred to me that such a program would be excellent for making backgrounds for my Flash animations. I tried it, and it worked. It gives the animation an old-fashioned style, because it resembles the painted background art of cartoons like 'Looney Tunes'.

So yeah. Eureka moment right there.

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That's all for now!

A Rant? Already?

2010-08-25 19:44:48 by WillWivell

Hello again.
Having done a 'collaborative effort' with Mr Ross Milnes, I credited Ross, quite rightly, as 'voice'. As I animated it, I expected an 'animation' credit option in the drop down menu, but the closest it had was 'additional animation'.

Adding the word 'additional' (appropriately enough) sorta takes the edge off the credit, you know? It's like 'assistant animator'. It makes me sound like the Igor to a hypothetical Dr Frankenstein of Flash; the doctor conjures up such animated magic, whilst I look over his shoulder and pass tools to him, lisping in a demented attempt to understand all the complicated things that 'master' is doing.

Perhaps I'm missing something. Maybe I'm getting worked up over something that could easily be remedied by spending a little more time getting to grips with the Newgrounds fundamentals and less time whinging. Possibly. Well, probably. Almost certainly.

I'll leave it at that. By all means correct me if I'm wrong.


A Rant? Already?

Hello Newgrounds

2010-08-25 18:33:42 by WillWivell

Well, the next few days are probably going to be when the name 'Newgrounds' will be the most apt. New grounds indeed! I'll be learning the ropes, posting the odd toon up here and there (I've got a few old films that could do with dusting off and popping onto the net), and striving to put my work out there, in cyberspace.

Wish me luck!